Apr 25, 2017 07 10 PM CDT
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Discussion - "How wide is the gap between Atheism and Theism"

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Discussion - "How wide is the gap between Atheism and Theism"

Secular Discussion Group - How wide is the gap between Theism & Atheism? Open discussion with Mythicist Milwaukee member Tom Frens hosting

Many stories boil down to three factors: 1) Religious upbringing 2) Skepticism 3) Atheism

Yet, we meet people who share 1 & 2 but are "believers" - perhaps this is a progressive or intellectually open version of theism. Some would say nothing certain can be asserted about God. Others would hold that "god is nothing". How similar or different might this be to some atheist worldviews?

How does this form of theism inform believers regarding matters of LGBT rights, the equality of women, and matters of morality & social justice? What are the keys to the kind of positive exchange we experienced at the "MASH UP" on March 28th with the folks from the Jesus & Beer group?
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